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CNC Maschinen


CNC Floor-Type Boring Machine PAMA Speedram 2000. Control HEIDENHEIN TNC 530 7 axis, PAMA TH 65 Rotary-Table, Right Angle Head TS 50-144, Universal Head TW 2-30 AC/2, Pickupstation for head. Renishaw RMP 60 Measuring Probe. ATC 120. New 2010.


CNC Floor Type Horizontal Borer Juaristi type MD 150 with Heidenhein TNC 430, 9 Axis controlled. New 1997.


CNC Single Column Vertical Borer CKD Blansko SKJ 50-100 B with Siemens Sinumerik 880. Live Drilling and Milling spindle ISO 50 in Vertical support. C-axes 360.000 degrees.ATC 8. New in 1995.




4 Axis CNC LATHE Max Muller MDW 20M , CNC Control Siemens Sinumerik 840C .With driven tools and C axis. New in 1999


CNC Vertical Borer FRORIEP 25/4KZ 420 with Siemens Sinumerik 840D. Modernized 2009.


CNC Roll Grinding Machine WALDRICH SIEGEN Type: WST IV 70 x 13 000 with with HERCULES / WALDRICH SIEGENS latest CNC control HCC / KPM 10, modernized 2007 by HERCULES / WALDRICH SIEGENS.


CNC Horisontal Borer Ram Type TOS WPD 130 with HEIDENHEIN TNC 430i.With Universal Milling Head. New 1999.


CNC LATHE MAZAK ST 50N x 3.000 mm.Spindle bore 320 mm. With Mazatrol 640 T. New in 2002


CNC Single Column Vertical Borer Dorries CTE 3000/4500 with Siemens Sinumerik 840D. New in 1982.Modernised 2008. VERKAUFT


3 Axis CNC LATHE Okuma LH 55 N, CNC Control OSP 5000 L-G New 1988. VERKAUFT


CNC Table Type Horizontal Borer Toshiba BTD-13F.R22 with CNC TOSNUC 888. Full B Axis. ATC 90. Coolant trough spindle. New 1997. VERKAUFT


CNC Floor Type Horizontal Borer FPT M-ARX M 120 with Heidenhein TNC 430I S.P.With Automatic Steepless Microhead, Spindle Extension 400 mm,Hydrostatic guide-ways for all axis. New 2005.


CNC STS Turnpress KU 193M Double Column Vetical Borer with 2 on cross-rail vertical drilling-supports. New 2010. CNC Control SIEMENS 840D.


Horisontal Boring and Milling machine SCHARMANN Heavycut 3,2 TDV 5 with CNC Siemens 840 C. New: 1979.Modernized with new CNC etc ca 2000.


VTL MINGANTI MV6-SL with driven tools, CNC Siemens 840 C. New: 1999


OKUMA Vertical Machining Centre Model MC50VA. CNC Control OSP7000 ATC32. New 1995.


KOLB CNC PLANOMILL with Siemens 840C Control. New 1980. Uppgraded/modernised 2001


CNC Vertical Borer SCHIESS 4.000 mm with Siemens 840C Control.AC Spindle & Axis Drives. New ca 1965, upgrade 2001.Single Ram,Interlock System.


Heavy duty CNC Horisontal Machining Centre Giddding & Lewis type MC 60 F. New September 1997.


GFM FNF 10 Camshaft milling machine CNC, with one milling head, max. camshaft length 1320 mm, new in 1986


NAXOS-UNION KA 630 X 1500 C CNC Kurbelwellen-Hubzapfen-Schleifmaschine.CNC Steurung SIEMENS SINUMERIC Primo SG .Bj. 1990.


NAXOS UNION Kurbelwellen-Mittelager-Schleifmaschine CNC RMBO 1100 mit CNC SIEMENS 840 C, Bj. 1996.


NAXOS-UNION Kurbelwellen-Hubzapfen-Schleifmaschine KHSA�1500 NC SIEMENS Primo SG. Bj 1984.


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