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CNC Floor-Type Boring Machine PAMA Speedram 2000. Control HEIDENHEIN TNC 530 7 axis, PAMA TH 65 Rotary-Table, Right Angle Head TS 50-144, Universal Head TW 2-30 AC/2, Pickupstation for head. Renishaw RMP 60 Measuring Probe. ATC 120. New 2010. SOLD!


CNC Double Column Vertical Borer Stanko 1563 with Siemens Sinumerik 840D and livespindle. Modernised and retrofitted in 2005.


CNC Horizontal Floor type borer Scharmann Heavycut 3.3 / TDV 6, CNC SIEMENS 840 D. CNC, Electrical and mechanically overhauled by SIEMENS 2003.


GIANA GGTRONIC 3000 TRIPLE X 1350 x 12000 CNC turning, milling and internal turning lathe with SIEMENS 840 DE, Solution line, CPU 50, Windows XP. The GIANA can machine cylinders and complex components up to 2.600 mm in diameter, 12,000 mm in length and internal turning to a depth of 2.000 mm. New 2011.


CNC Vertical Borer FRORIEP 25/4KZ 420 with Siemens Sinumerik 840D. Modernized 2009.


CNC Roll Grinding Machine WALDRICH SIEGEN Type: WST IV 70 x 13 000 with with HERCULES / WALDRICH SIEGENS latest CNC control HCC / KPM 10, modernized 2007 by HERCULES / WALDRICH SIEGENS.


CNC Horisontal Borer Ram Type TOS WPD 130 with HEIDENHEIN TNC 430i.With Universal Milling Head. New 1999.


Samputensili type SU-SCT/S High Production Universal Chamfering and Deburing Machine. New 1995.


CNC Single Column Vertical Borer CKD Blansko SKJ 50-100 B with Siemens Sinumerik 880. Live Drilling and Milling spindle ISO 50 in Vertical support. C-axes 360.000 degrees. ATC 8. New in 1995. SOLD!


GIANA GGTRONIC 2000 H DOUBLE X 1110 x 8000 CNC turning and milling lathe with SIEMENS 840 DE, Solution line, CPU 50, Windows XP, New 2010. The GIANA can machine cylinders and complex components up to 2.200 mm in diameter and 8,000 mm in length SOLD!


4 Axis CNC LATHE Max Muller MDW 20M , CNC Control Siemens Sinumerik 840C .With driven tools and C axis. New in 1999. SOLD!


CNC LATHE Doosan Puma 700 LM with Fanuc Series 21i TD CNC.Installed new 2007, only used 6675 hours. SOLD!


CNC STS Turnpress KU 193M Double Column Vetical Borer with 2 on cross-rail vertical drilling-supports. New 2010. CNC Control SIEMENS 840D.




CNC Floor Type Horizontal Borer FPT M-ARX M 120 with Heidenhein TNC 430I S.P.With Automatic Steepless Microhead, Spindle Extension 400 mm,Hydrostatic guide-ways for all axis. New 2005. SOLD!


CNC LATHE MAZAK ST 50N x 3.000 mm.Spindle bore 320 mm. With Mazatrol 640 T. New in 2002


Horisontal Boring and Milling machine SCHARMANN Heavycut 3,2 TDV 5 with CNC Siemens 840 C. New: 1979.Modernized with new CNC etc ca 2000.


VTL MINGANTI MV6-SL with driven tools, CNC Siemens 840 C. New: 1999


KOLB CNC PLANOMILL with Siemens 840C Control. New 1980. Uppgraded/modernised 2001


CNC Vertical Borer SCHIESS 4.000 mm with Siemens 840C Control.AC Spindle & Axis Drives. New ca 1965, upgrade 2001.Single Ram,Interlock System.


Heavy duty CNC Horisontal Machining Centre Giddding & Lewis type MC 60 F. New September 1997.


GFM FNF 10 Camshaft milling machine CNC, with one milling head, max. camshaft length 1320 mm, new in 1986


NAXOS-UNION KA 630 X 1500 C CNC Crankshaf- Crank pin- Grinding machine. CNC CONTROL SIEMENS SINUMERIC Primo SG. New in 1990.


NAXOS UNION Multiwheel CNC crankshaft grinder type RMBO 1100 C with CNC control SIEMENS 840 C, New in 1996.


NAXOS-UNION KHSA 1500 NC Crankshaft- Crank pin- Grinding machine. Control SIEMENS Primo SG. New in 1984.


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